Doctor Who DVD Files is a fortnightly partwork publication from GE Fabbri Ltd - The Ultimate Build-up Doctor Who Encyclopaedia

One of its regular features is The Doctor, a series looking at the ten incarnations of the Doctor.

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Parts Edit

Part 1 - Who is the Doctor?

Meet all ten incarnations of the greatest hero in the cosmos.

Part 2 - The Early Years

Uncover the secret history of the Doctor's childhood on Gallifrey.

Part 3 - The Journey Begins

Join the Doctor on his early travels in the TARDIS...

Part 4 - Aliens and Emperors

The First Doctor's adventures in space and time continue...

Part 5 - New Friends, Old Enemies

The First Doctor has a brand-new crew and faces familiar foes...

Part 6 - From Monoids to Mondas

The First Doctor's adventures in time and space come to an end!

Part 7 - New Face, Same Doctor

There's a new arrival in the TARDIS - apparently it's the Doctor.

Part 8 - Enemies of Humanity

The Second Doctor faces Cybermen, Chameleons and Daleks.

Part 9 - Robots and Reptiles

The Second Doctor battles Yeti, Ice Warriors and Cybermats.

Part 10 - Monster' Revenge

The Second Doctor faces Yeti, Cybermen and deadly seaweed!

Part 11 - Myths and Monsters

The Second Doctor saves the TARDIS by taking it out of reality!

Part 12 - End of an Era

Bid Farewell to the Second Doctor as his story comes to an end. ..

Part 13 - Exile to Earth

Read about the first adventures of the Third Doctor .

Part 14 - Master Plans

Read about how the Doctor and the Master first came to blows!

Part 15 - Demons and Daleks

The Third Doctor's battle of wits with the Master continues.

Part 16 - Escape From Earth

When the Third Doctor finally leaves Earth, life gets even stranger!

Part 17 - Draconians and Daleks

See the Third Doctor face some of his greatest foes.

Part 18 - A New Face

As the Third Doctor's journey ends, a new one begins...

Part 19 - Davros and the Daleks

Meet the Fourth Doctor and discover the origins of the Daleks.

Part 20 - Gods and Monsters

Join the Fourth Doctor as he encounters some infamous enemies.

Part 21 - A Fond Farewell

It's all change in the TARDIS as Sarah Jane's time as a traveller ends ...

Part 22 - A Noble Savage

After travelling alone, the Fourth Doctor finds a new companion.

Part 23 - Shipwreck and Skulls

The Doctor finally meets the Sontaran's mortal enemies – the Rutans.

Part 24 - The Key to Time

Join the Fourth Doctor as he does battle on the edge of the universe.

Part 25 - The Black Guardian

The Fourth Doctor and Romana I race to assemble the Key to Time.

Part 26 - Davros Revived!

The Fourth Doctor discovers how Davros survived.

Part 27 - Dreams of Conquest

The Doctor and Romana are joined in the TARDIS by a child genius.

Part 28 - New Beginnings

The Fourth Doctor's journey finally comes to an end...

Part 29 - A New Era

The Doctor is 'reborn' once more, this time as a younger man.

Part 30 - Shock Return

Companions aren't immortal, as Adric finds out!

Part 31 - Friends and Foes

The Fifth Doctor meets old friends – and faces deadly enemies

Part 32 - Friends Reunited

The Fifth Doctor must team up with his former selves.

Part 33 - Changing Faces

Not everyone's happy about the new face in the TARDIS...

Part 34 - Slugs and Cybermen

The Sixth Doctor faces a host of alien aggressors.

Part 35 - Doctor in Distress

The Sixth Doctor must rescue the Second!

Part 36 - Doctor on Trial

Why has the Doctor been captured by the Time Lords?

Part 37 - Sixes and Sevens

The Seventh Doctor battles Tetraps, Bannermen and a dragon!

Part 38 - Ancient Artefacts

How far will the Seventh Doctor go to ensure victory?

Part 39 - Angels and Demons

Ace's adventures with the Seventh Doctor get a lot darker ...

Part 40 - Fight for Survival

The Seventh Doctor's time is coming to an end ...

Part 41 - Sole Survivor

The Time War is over but the Ninth Doctor is far from happy ...

Part 42 - Daleks and Zombies

The Ninth Doctor makes a horrifying discovery in the year 2012 ...

Part 43 - Earth in Danger

The Ninth Doctor faces his final challenge in the year 200,100 ...

Part 44 - Friends and Foes

The Tenth Doctor's adventures in time and space begin.

Part 45 - Rebirth of the Cybermen

Face the creatures that wanted to steal your humanity or destroy it!

Part 46 - Daleks vs Cybermen!

Earth is caught in the crossfire when these two forces declare war!

Part 47 - Spiders, Cats and Witches!

The Tenth Doctor and his new friends encounter toil and trouble.

Part 48 - Scarecrows and Statues

The Tenth Doctor decides to become human ...

Part 49 - Going Boho!

Take a peek inside the Fourth Doctor's wardrobe ...

Part 50 - Earth in Peril

The Doctor faces his old enemy once again ...

Part 51 - Fire and Ice

The Tenth Doctor and Donna start their travels together.

Part 52 - Noble Sacrifices

Find out how Jenny and River Song gave their lives for the Doctor ...

Part 53 - Reality Destroyed

The Doctor loses another companion as Donna leaves the TARDIS.

Part 54 - Lonely Wanderer

Read about the Tenth Doctor's solo adventures ...

Part 55 - The End of Ten

The Tenth Doctor's journey comes to a spectacular close.

Part 56 - Time For Change

Re-live the Eleventh Doctor's first adventures.

Part 57 - Hidden Identities

Read about the Eleventh Doctor's continuing adventures.

Part 58 - Alien Awakenings

The Eleventh Doctor, Amy and Rory face some ancient aliens.

Part 59 - Time Rewritten

How the Eleventh Doctor re-started the universe ...

Part 60 - Death of the Doctor

The Time Lord visits Utah in 2011, a trip that will change his life

Part 61 - Silent Assassin

The Eleventh Doctor makes a startling discovery.

Part 62 - River Revealed

The mystery of Dr Song is finally solved. Or is it?

Part 63 - Doctor Who?

What is the question that must never be asked?...

Part 64 - An adventure in Time and Space

The first part of our new behind-the-scenes history of Doctor Who.

Part 65 - Dalekmania

Find out how Doctor Who became a phenomenon in the 1960s.

Part 66 - Second Coming

Doctor Who has always been about changing with the times ...

Part 67 - The Monster Era

Daleks, Cybermen, Yeti – Doctor Who gets scary!

Part 68 - Down to Earth

A new era begins with Jon Pertwee starring as the Third Doctor.

Part 69 - Ten Years Young

Doctor Who celebrates its tenth anniversary in style.

Part 70 - A New Face

Tom Baker joins the series as the Fourth Doctor.

Part 71 - Going Fourth

Discover the secrets of the Fourth Doctor's Era

Part 72 - Everything Changes

As the 1980's begin, Doctor Who has a new lease of life.

Part 73 - The Five Doctors

Doctor Who celebrates its 20th anniversary

Part 74 - 'Change, My Dear

Our behind-the-scenes history of Doctor Who continues.

Part 75 - The End of Time?

Doctor Who enters a troubled age with its 22nd Season.

Part 76 - Who's on Trial?

The Sixth Doctor returns to TV with an epic courtroom drama.

Part 77 - Lucky Number Seven?

The Seventh Doctor makes his TV debut.

Part 78 - ilver Anniversary

Doctor Who celebrates its 25th birthday!

Part 79 - Into Darkness

In its 26th year Doctor Who faced certain doom ...

Part 80 - Cancelled!

After 26 years Doctor Who comes to an end. Or does it?

Part 81 - About Time

After seven years off-air, Doctor Who returned in 1996 ...

Part 82 - The Sound of Fear

Doctor Who spent the Millennium conquering a new medium ...

Part 83: Life Begins at 40

Doctor Who celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Part 84 - Ninth Life

Doctor Who returns to TV in a blaze of glory.

Part 85 - Tennant for Ten

David Tennant makes his debut and the 'silver giants' return.

Part 86 - Good Companions

In 2006, the Doctor's friends took on a life of their own.

Part 87 - The Two Doctors

David Tennant's Doctor meets some old friends and foes.

Part 88 - Bon Voyage!

David Tennant teams up with Kylie Minogue!

Part 89 - A Special Year

Welcome to the 'Planet of the Dead' ...

Part 90 - Darker Waters

After five years, David Tennant leaves Doctor Who ...

Part 91 - Eleventh's Hour

Matt Smith makes his debut as the Eleventh Doctor

Part 92 - Smith and Smith

Matt Smith meets Elisabeth Sladen in Death of the Doctor

Part 93 - Neil and the Doctor

Fantasy author Neil Gaiman writes for Doctor Who!
Part 94: Blockbusters!
Doctor Who's Series Seven had movies in mind.

Part 95: Seven for a secret

The Name of the Doctor would change Doctor Who for ever.

Doctor pages Edit

DOC 1 - The First Doctor

Journey into the past and meet the Doctor's original incarnation...

DOC 2 - The Second Doctor

Take a sneaky peek inside the Doctor's 500-year diary!

DOC 3 - The Third Doctor

Read about the third Doctor who started his life exiled to Earth...

DOC 4 - The Fourth Doctor

Get the lowdown on this scarf-wearing incarnation of the Doctor ...

DOC 5 - The Fifth Doctor

Take a look at the monsters that this cricket-loving Doctor faced.

DOC 6 - The Sixth Doctor

The boldest, brashest Time Lord ever steps up!

DOC 7 - Seventh Doctor

Meet the eccentric yet uncompromising incarnation of the Doctor.

DOC 8 - The Eighth Doctor

Meet the most mysterious incarnation of the Eighth Doctor ever!

DOC 8.2 - Eighth Doctor: Last Stand

The fate of the Eighth Doctor is finally revealed!

DOC 9 - The Ninth Doctor

Experience the highs and lows of the Ninth Doctor with a northern accent!

DOC 10 - The Tenth Doctor

Look back over the life and times of Doctor number 10.

DOC 11 - The Eleventh Doctor

Everything you need to know about the madman with a box.

DOC 11.2 - The Eleventh Doctor

Read the second part of out Time Lord profile.

DOC 11.3 - Eleventh Doctor: The Last Days

The Doctor's days were numbered when Silence fell.

DOC X: - The War Doctor

Discover the Doctor's greatest secret ..

DOC 12 - The Twelfth Doctor

Meet the new Doctor and find out what makes him tick.

Where To File Them Edit

In Issue 2 and Issue 3 subscribers receive a binder and seven coloured divider cards. The Doctor pages are filed behind the orange divider.

These pages are filed in part order. Part 2 is filed behind Part 1, and so on.

Each incarnation of the Doctor will have his own character pages. For example, DOC 9 will be all about the Ninth Doctor. File these special cards in Doctor order at the back of the section.

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