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You may be looking for Nest Cottage.

After the Third Doctor was exiled on Earth, he came to own a cottage. While the Third Doctor had many homes during this exile, the cottage was the oldest of them. (PROSE: Verdigris) The cottage was the Third Doctor's mailing address. (COMIC: Deadly Choice, Fogbound)

The Doctor continued to visit the cottage in his later incarnations. (COMIC: The Dalek Revenge, The Pictures of Josephine Day, A Matter of Life and Death)

The cottage was located in Wales. (COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day) It was thirty miles from Thisis (PROSE: Verdigris) and "many miles" from Tadcaster. (COMIC: Fogbound) One account indicated it was in a village. (COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day)


Use by the Third Doctor[]

Shortly after he defeated the Vogans, the Third Doctor decided to have a short holiday by renting a cottage in the country. The Doctor's holiday was short-lived, as just one day after it began a police officer came to the cottage and escorted the Doctor to the Prime Minister. (COMIC: The Celluloid Midas) While the Doctor finished his holiday in 1863, (COMIC: Backtime) he continued to use the cottage. (COMIC: Zeron Invasion et al)

In 1972, the Doctor was contacted by the Ministry of Defence at the cottage, asking for help at Haylock-on-sea. (PROSE: Countdown to TV Action)

The Doctor was sleeping in the cottage when he was attacked by a Zeron psychic attack aimed at the human race. He left the cottage in the TARDIS to fight the invaders. (COMIC: Zeron Invasion)

Fred delivers the Third Doctor's mail. (COMIC: Deadly Choice)

The Abbot of Mai' Sung mailed an invitation to Society of Earth's Friends conference to the cottage. (COMIC: Deadly Choice)

The Master mailed a postcard to the cottage inviting the Doctor to Tadcaster. (COMIC: Fogbound)

In May 1973, the Doctor invited Jo Grant to a week-long holiday at the cottage. Iris Wildthyme and Tom interrupted this holiday and got the Doctor and Jo involved in an adventure involving the Meercocks and Verdigris. (PROSE: Verdigris) When Paul Magrs wrote about this event in a prose piece, Doctor Who and Verdigris was cited. (PROSE: Bafflement and Devotion)

When the Doctor took Sarah Jane Smith to the cottage, the two of them accidentally travelled to a parallel world. (COMIC: Who's Who?)

Use by Fourth Doctor[]

The cottage was also frequently used as a base on Earth by the Fourth Doctor. (COMIC: The Dalek Revenge, The Tansbury Experiment, Mind Snatch, The Orb, et al.)

The Doctor once landed his TARDIS in the cottage and attempted to have a picnic with Sarah Jane Smith nearby. The Time Lords forced the Doctor and Sarah to abandon their picnic and use the TARDIS to go to Ercos. (COMIC: The Dalek Revenge)

The Doctor once spent a week with Leela at the cottage. (COMIC: The Orb) Other sources concerning this period of the Doctor's life indicate he frequently rested on Earth at Nest Cottage. (AUDIO: The Stuff of Nightmares)

Later use[]

The Eighth Doctor discovers Josie Day in the cottage. (COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day)

In the 21st century, the Eighth Doctor went to the cottage looking for a copy of Jane Eyre which he believed had been left there by the Third Doctor. The Doctor found Josie Day on the cottage, and confronted her for reorganising his bookshelf. (COMIC: The Pictures of Josephine Day)

The Twelfth Doctor went back to the cottage with Clara Oswald to keep an eye on Josie and his previous self. (COMIC: A Matter of Life and Death)

Other realities[]

In a parallel world, the building was used as a hideout by the dangerous criminals Doctor Who and Sarah-Jane. (COMIC: Who's Who?)