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"The Doctor's Theme" is a piece of music composed by Murray Gold for Doctor Who. It served as the main musical motif for the Ninth, Tenth, and Twelfth Doctor. It first appeared in the series 1 episode Rose. In series 3, it was somewhat superseded by "The Doctor Forever", but returned in a new arrangement for series 4. The signature notes from "The Doctor's Theme" are heard as part of "Vale Decem" immediately after the Tenth Doctor speaks his final words and begins to regenerate in TV: The End of Time Part 2.

In the series 6 episode The Impossible Astronaut, right before the teselecta is shot again, this theme can be heard as part of the track "1969". In the episode A Good Man Goes to War, this theme is played in the background when the Eleventh Doctor and Vastra are discussing how a Time Lord could be used as a weapon.

It is later heard again in The Time of the Doctor, in the section of "Never tell me the rules" while the Doctor is making his speech atop the clock tower.

Signature notes are spattered throughout Hell Bent, culminating in the full use of the music when a Gallifreyan woman recognises the Doctor as he stands in the old barn from his childhood.

"The Doctor's Theme" was heard briefly in The Sarah Jane Adventures episodes The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith and The Mad Woman in the Attic. It was also quoted in the Torchwood episodes Day One, Captain Jack Harkness and End of Days.

The piece is appears in the first Class episode, For Tonight We Might Die , when Quill describes how the Doctor saved her on Rhodia. It later reappears when the Doctor himself arrives near the end of the episode, punctuating his own theme tunes, "A Good Man?"

"The Doctor's Theme" was originally referred to by the production team as "Flavia's Theme", based on the idea that it was the voice of Flavia singing from the Time Vortex.

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