A version of the Doctor's TARDIS was in use by a purported incarnation of the Doctor. It was later buried in an unmarked grave by her when she went into hiding under the chameleon arch under the alias of "Ruth Clayton", and uncovered when she regained her true self. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

History[edit | edit source]

While the Doctor was using the chameleon arch to become "Ruth Clayton", the TARDIS was buried under an unmarked gravestone outside Ruth's home. When the Thirteenth Doctor and "Ruth" visited Ruth's the lighthouse for answers, the Thirteenth Doctor uncovered the top of the TARDIS to her surprise. Ruth revealed her identity as the Doctor, and shortly after they teleported inside, the Judoon's Talwak Freighter captured the TARDIS using a tractor beam. After Gat was killed, the mysterious incarnation of the Doctor later returned the Thirteenth to Gloucester and went on her way. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The interior of the TARDIS console room was reminiscent of the console room used by the First Doctor, as well as Clara Oswald's TARDIS, though smaller, with the main screen taking up an entire wall and showing Gallifreyan symbols and a slightly different lighting. This TARDIS also had a police box exterior. The exterior did not resemble that of the Thirteenth Doctor's TARDIS, but rather the appearance of when the First Doctor piloted it. (TV: Fugitive of the Judoon)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

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