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This story was never produced.

Therefore, its known narrative elements are not a part of the Doctor Who universe as we, on this Wiki, choose to define it. It may have been the basis for a similar story in another medium, however — and that story may indeed be valid.

The Diplomat was a planned Dionus's War audio story by Aristide Twain. It would have explored Dionus' life prior to his desertion from House Military, including his marriage to his wife, Susit.[1]


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Early in the war, the Great Houses hope for a quick treaty with the Enemy, so they eagerly receive the Enemy's negotiator, a blustering and arrogant man in clinking golden armour, into the Capitol. The palace guards Dionusavarnapexiandal and Susit are assigned to protect him, but when he starts asking pointed questions about the Houses' prison planet (seen in A Labyrinth of Histories), they realise he's a poser.[1]

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