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The Devil Like a Bear was the fifteenth short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Defining Patterns. It was written by Brian Willis. It featured the Seventh Doctor.


The Doctor and Ace land in 17th century England. They encounter a young girl named Tilly Brewer, who is changing into a beast and being chased by several witch-hunters.

When Tilly howls, the Doctor recognises the sound as coming from the Skreeth. He explains to Ace that the Skreeth invade planets, infecting the inhabitants and changing them to beasts. The Skreeth were defeated a long time ago and removed from the main part of the galaxy.

The Doctor leaves Ace with Tilly while he fetches the TARDIS. Tilly turns on Ace, but the TARDIS materialises around her just in time. When Ace finally gets into the TARDIS, the Doctor explains that Tilly's infection is gone, but she must stay in the TARDIS or else it will come back. She spends her life in a replica of her village, with the Doctor and Ace visiting her from time to time.




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  • The Doctor once again calls himself "the wizard Quiquaequod". (TV: The Dæmons)