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The Devil Goblins from Neptune was the first novel in the BBC Past Doctor Adventures series. It was written by Keith Topping and Martin Day, released 2 June 1997 and featured the Third Doctor and Liz Shaw.

Publisher's summary[]

From the outer reaches of the Solar System, alien eyes are surveying the Earth. Eyes as cold and cruel as the methane ice that shrouds their distant world...

The Doctor is perturbed when a spate of deaths follows the break-up of an alien mass in the atmosphere. But this is merely the latest incident in a sinister conspiracy that threatens the entire planet, and the Doctor himself is embroiled in the plans of all the players.

The Brigadier's concern is heightened by the possibility of traitors at the very heart of UNIT. Leaving for Geneva to discover the truth, he little realises the deadly motives of an enemy agent on his own doorstep. The Doctor and Liz, meanwhile, discover that London doesn't have a monopoly on alien invasions.

What are the gargoyle-like creatures that kill without mercy? What do they want from our planet — and how do they figure in top-secret governmental plans?

As the lines between allies and enemies begin to blur, the Doctor finds himself fighting to save Earth once again. But who will he be saving it for?


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The Doctor[]

  • The Doctor says he was a prisoner of the French at Salamanca in 1812. He also claims to have met Puccini at Milan.
  • The Doctor drinks champagne at the Progressive Club.
  • The Doctor can speak Russian. He also says he met Lenin in Petrograd.
  • The Doctor can perform a Time Lord rite called Soul Catching; however, he is not very good at it.
  • The Doctor mentions Saturnian kung-fu.
  • The Doctor notes that the Time Lords have erased at least some of his knowledge of Earth's future history, as well as his knowledge of how to repair the TARDIS.



United Nations Intelligence Taskforce[]


  • This novel was originally conceived as a Virgin Missing Adventures novel.[1]
  • David Arthurs and Bob Decker talk about who will win the Republican primaries. Decker considered Nixon to be dead in the water, had a "funny feeling" about Rockefeller, and thought "Mad Ronnie" Reagan would do well with Californian geeks but an actor will never be elected. They both agree None of them will be able to beat Kennedy.
    • While the date is not specified, these individuals all ran in the real world 1968 primaries; Robert Kennedy was assassinated in June of that year. Despite this, Arthurs is reading a report about the Cyber invasion of London in spring 1969. See UNIT dating controversy.



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