The Devil's Footprints was the twelfth story of the eighth season of Big Finish Productions' Short Trips series.

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The Doctor's old friend, the reverend HT Ellacombe, has been out of touch for too long. But when the Doctor goes to find him, he and Mel discover something else entirely: unidentifiable footprints in the snow around the Victorian village where he lives.

The villagers are terrified that the very Devil walks their lands in the wintry nights, but with the Doctor distracted by finding his friend, it seems it’s up to Mel to do the snooping around in attempt to uncover the truth...

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  • Mel does not drink tea.

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  • This is the first Short Trip to feature the Seventh Doctor and Mel.
  • This story was inspired by the Devil's Footprints phenomenon in February 1855 when hoof-like marks were discovered in the snow in East and South Devon.
  • The story was recorded 2 February 2016 at The Moat Studios.

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