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The Demons of Eden was the backup comic story of the publication Omega. It is a spin-off of Doctor Who making use of Bob Baker's individual license to the Mandrels and the planet Eden from Nightmare of Eden.

Publisher's summary[]

Episode 1[]

Following the tragic events aboard starship Empress, jungle planet Eden – revealed as the source of addictive drug Vraxoin – is designated a ‘haven world’, all settlers ordered to depart. Aside from Space Corps marines sent to combat the drug cartels that still thrive within Eden’s rainforests, the only humans allowed to remain are the holy sisters of the Convent of Saint Eve. But, though a presence since the first wave of colonists decades before, the nuns’ sanctuary is about to succumb to the deadly reality of life on Eden.

Episode 2[]

2129. The jungle planet Eden, source of highly addictive narcotic vraxoin, scourge of Earth’s colonies. In a bid to stem the flow of vraxoin, Eden is designated ‘haven world’ – all settlers ordered to depart. Exceptions include a garrison of Space Corps marines – who fight a constant war of attrition with drug cartel militia – and the holy sisters of the Convent of Saint Eve. Among them is ex-Space Corps trooper Kheba Yans, who has made an oath before God to never again pick up a gun. When one of the sisters, under the influence of vraxoin, lets a herd of savage creatures known as krib into the convent, all the nuns are killed – save four. Sister Kheba leads her fellow survivors – the Abbess, Sister Ruth and Novice Maria – out into the jungle. There they run into a party of billionaire trophy hunters, looking to bag the planet’s deadliest predator: the sarzok – the Demon Beast of Eden.


Episode 1[]

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Episode 2[]

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  • Sister Kheba Yans
  • Sister Bethany
  • The Abbess
  • Sister Ruth
  • Novice Maria
  • Mitch Convery
  • Zarat
  • Ralana Hoston
  • Obidiah Frud
  • Cow Lady of Azure
  • Leaping "Wolfie" Wolf
  • Councillor


  • A crucifix is displayed at the Convent of Saint Eve.
  • Eden was designated a Haven World by the Earth Colonial Council on 9 December 2116.
  • The Convent of Saint Eve fights for God and Christ.
  • Krib, Mandrels, and the Sarzok live in the jungles of Eden.
  • Eden is barred to civilians.
  • Leaping Wolf belives he was a Mohican in a past life.



Original print details[]

  • Chapter 1:
The story so far...
The dark, hostile jungle planet of Eden. Not the paradise the orange twilight promises. Inhabitants include a glowing insect with a bite that stings, the Eden mantrap, and the terrifying Mandrels – huge creatures with vicious claws capable of killing with one swipe.
The zoologist Tryst discovered that the Mandrels, once decomposed, were a source of the addictive drug Vraxoin. Working with the smuggler Dymond, they used a Continuous Event Transmuter, or CET, to smuggle Vraxoin.
Dymond’s ship, the Hecate, merged with another ship, the Empress, when it emerged from hyperspace. The CET malfunctioned, letting Mandrels loose to wreak havoc. The two ships were disentangled, but not before Tryst and Dymond were exposed as drug smugglers.
The Mandrels were returned to Eden to repopulate the planet’s biosphere. But Mandrels are not the most dangerous lifeform on Eden. Prepare to meet the Sarzok – Eden’s apex predator, rumoured to be part-demon...


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