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The Demons was the fourth instalment of Dalek Empire III, and the twelfth release in the Dalek Empire series overall.

Publisher's summary[]

"The Daleks created... me?"

The Galactic Union now knows of Galanar's covert mission to find the Daleks. But what exactly has Galanar found? The Daleks seem poised to eradicate the deadly NFS plague.

The Graxis Wardens are adrift in Dalek territory, hopelessly outnumbered.

It would seem that the future belongs to the Dalek Supreme.


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  • Following the destruction of the Dalek Emperor 2,500 years earlier, the Dalek Supreme assumed control of Susan Mendes' body and took command of the Daleks.
  • Many years prior to the outbreak of the NFS plague, Selestru was in command of a vessel called the Perseverance. While searching for scavengers, the ship discovered an ancient space station in the Pkowik system which dated back to before the Great Catastrophe. They found three individuals - Galanar, Morli and Elaria - who had been in cryogenic stasis for 2500 years. Galanar was released from stasis and "imprinted" himself on Selestru. He was once human and the Daleks transformed him into an advanced form of Roboman. He refers to himself as a Demon.
  • The medical ship on which Siy Tarkov and the woman posing as his daughter Amur Tarkov was intercepted by the Daleks. The vessel was taken to Scalanis VIII, where Tarkov was cured of the NFS plague using Variant 7.
  • Almost immediately after the Graxis Wardens left Graxis Major, the Daleks began the geoforming process. Frey Saxton and the other Wardens witnessed it from their ship. They were to rescue a total of 357 Wardens from the Graxis system.
  • The woman posing as Amur is Galanar's fellow Demon, Elaria. She was discovered by the Daleks and imprinted herself upon them.
  • The Demons were created by the Alliance Daleks, who originated in a parallel universe, during their war with the Daleks of the primary universe 2,500 years earlier. As well as the ability to render themselves invisible, they can alter their features at will. This enabled Elaria to disguise herself as Tarkov's adult daughter Amur, who died at the age of seven in reality, by basing her appearance on that of his late wife Elicia.



  • Susan Mendes refers to the "Victory or Death" telepathic programming planted in her mind by Kalendorf, which resulted in not only the near complete destruction of the Daleks but the Great Catastrophe 2,500 years earlier, resulting in the collapse of civilisation throughout Mutter's Spiral. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four)
  • Alby Brook discovered Morli aboard the Pkowik space station 2,500 years earlier following an attack by the Enemy Daleks. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter One)
  • The Dalek Supreme refers to the datastore containing everything that Kalendorf knew about the Daleks located on his home planet of Velyshaa. (AUDIO: Dalek War: Chapter Four)
  • It was the Daleks who discovered Tarkov's star yacht, the Crusader, adrift in space. However, his cryogenic pod was removed and taken to Galactic Union HQ Planet Nine by Selestru before Tarkov could be captured. (AUDIO: The Exterminators)

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