The Death List was a poem in the anthology Now We Are Six Hundred.

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References Edit

  • Whilst on the run, the Doctor hides behind a Dalek.
  • The Doctor tells the King to try democracy.
  • The King has slave mines.
  • The King was exiled by the people.

Notes Edit

  • The poem is based on Now We Are Six's The King's Breakfast.
  • This poem introduces a previously unseen female incarnation of the Doctor.
  • Although not specified in the poem, Russell T Davies drew the Doctor with a feminine figure. He requested to James Goss if he were to change one word it would leave the gender of the Doctor ambiguous in the poem, to which he happily complied.
  • Russell T Davies hid the numbers "1" and "3" in the Doctor's robes.
  • The poem is notable for featuring an incarnation of The Doctor similar to if not the Thirteenth Doctor. The Doctor has a feminine figure, a white coat and flowing hair.
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