The Deadly Ally was the fourth story in the Daleks! animation series. It was released on 3 December 2020 on the official Doctor Who YouTube Channel as part of the Time Lord Victorious series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The Daleks and Mechanoids unite against the Entity. Will they save the universe or will the Dalek Emperor find itself in the firing line?

Plot[edit | edit source]

Furious, the Mechanoid Queen demands to know why the Emperor led the Entity to Mechanus. Unconcerned, the Dalek answers that if the Mechanoids are so superior then they will swiftly defeat it.

In high orbit, Mechanoid 2150 complements the Dalek Prime Strategist on its gambit to force the Mechanoids' aid as the Mechanoid army takes position as their foe enters the atmosphere. Both the Emperor and the Strategist settle in to watch, eager to study the tactics of both their enemies. Before attacking, the Entity possesses one of the Mechanoids. If the last two Daleks are turned over to it, immediately, it will leave. If not, Mechanus will be destroyed.

In orbit, Mechanoid 2150 reveals that her kind are adept at manipulating energy. By scanning the possessed Mechanoid, and removing the known Mechanoid base code, 2150 isolates the energy print of the Entity. A signature that could be used to open a portal to the Entity's dimension.

With the allocated surrender period expired, the Entity begins its attack before 2150 banishes the possessed Mechanoid to the Entity's realm. Noting that it will take a much larger beam projector to banish the entirety of the Entity, the Prime Strategist decrees that one must be built.

Emerging from the star chamber, the Queen and the Emperor observe the Mechanoids forming a force field around their city, trying to buy time for 2150 to banish the invader. Though the Strategist wonders is this field could serve as a beam projector, 2150 informs him that there are not enough Mechanoids before both spy the orbital defence array and have a new idea.

As the protective shield collapses from the Entity's attacks, the Mechanoid Queen tires of the Emperor's arrogance and dismissal of her kind's sacrifices, leaving him outside to fight his own battle. Proclaiming himself the last Dalek, the Emperor vows to continue.

Opening fire on the Entity, the Emperor is assaulted by sweeping green beams of energy, burning his casing. Before the killing blow can be dealt however, the reworked orbital array comes online, banishing the Entity to where it came from, saving Mechanus and the Daleks.

Badly damaged, the Emperor reboots as the Mechanoid Queen emerges from her bunker before 2150 and the Strategist beam down. Furious at the Daleks and their deception, the Queen orders the last two Daleks off her planet, noting that they can flee wherever they wish, but the Mechanoids are coming to bring about a Dalek extinction.

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