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The Dead Travel Fast was the second short story published in I Am The Master: Legends of the Renegade Time Lord. It was written by Mark Wright and featured the Decayed Master as played on TV by Peter Pratt and Geoffrey Beevers.


Holidaying in Whitby, Bram Stoker is plunged into a world of horror when a grandfather clock washes to shore together with the hideous remains of the dying Master – who will do anything to survive.


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  • Mark Wright has said that, when writing, he intended that this story immediately follows the events of the Doctor Who Magazine comic Doorway to Hell from the Master's perspective.[1] Details in both stories, however, support this placement:
    • At the end of Doorway to Hell, Delgado's Master begin to decay in his final moments and begin to regenerate using golden regeneration energy, which is known to damage TARDISes. At the start of The Dead Travel Fast, the Decayed Master emerges from a regeneration attempted in his own TARDIS, burning much of the interior.
    • The Dead Travel Fast establishes that the reason for the Decayed Master's decayed form was that he attempted to regenerate while he had an artron energy deficiency. Doorway to Hell shows the Master being mortally wounded through an unintended "temporal circuit breaker", which dissipates the abnormal temporal energies possessed by both the Master and the family he attacks, including the family's artron energy.
    • The Master's mention of revenge in The Dead Travel Fast echoes his final words in Doorway to Hell.



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