The Dead Heart was the first story of The Cybermen series featuring the Cybermen on Mondas and the Silurians native to the planet. It did not feature the Doctor.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

A Cyber-Scout's craft crashes in a jungle and encounters a village of humans, who believe it is a servant of the gods. Raven, a heretic, is selected by their religious leader to accompany the scout on its mission to find the Lizard Kings. At the edge of the Blisterlands, they encounter a cybernetic dinosaur which conveys them to the Dead Heart of the World, an underground base. Inside, they revive Kho'dja, an augmented Lizard King, who tells them the history of Mondas: the planet departed from its orbit when its sister planet gained its moon; the Lizard Kings dominated the world but became lazy and corrupt; they used their technology to augment apes into cybernetic servants; and, finally, they entered suspended animation until they world would return to its original orbit, but instead the apes have evolved and taken over. The Cyberman kills Kho-Dja, declares that Mondas will belong to the Cyber-race, and has Raven placed in a conversion unit.

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