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The Day She Saved the Doctor was a collection of short stories released in March 2018.

Publisher's summary Edit

A companion: explores time and space with the Doctor, gets into trouble with the Doctor, fights enemies with the Doctor . . . And - more often than not - has to save his life.

Here are four fantastic new adventures with the Doctor, starring Rose, Sarah-Jane, Clara and Bill. Publishing on International Women's Day in March 2018, it will also be the perfect way to prepare for Jodie Whittaker's first ever female Doctor.

Written by Jenny Colgan, Jacqueline Rayner, Dorothy Koomson and Susan Calman, these stories are a celebration of the Doctor's fantastic female friends, for fans of all ages.

Contents Edit

# Title Writer Narrator Doctor Featuring
1 Sarah Jane and the Temple of Eyes Jacqueline Rayner Yasmin Paige 4th Sarah
2 Rose and the Snow Window Jenny T. Colgan Rachael Stirling 9th Rose
3 Clara and the Maze of Cui Palta Susan Calman Catrin Stewart 11th Clara
4 Bill and the Three Jackets Dorothy Koomson Pippa Bennett-Warner 12th Bill

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