The Darksmith Legacy is a ten book series featuring the Tenth Doctor and published by BBC Children's Books supported by an interactive website.

Series Background

This ten-book series follows the Doctor on his exciting journey to discover the origins of the so-called Eternity Crystal and the powerful artisans who created it - the Darksmiths. The books have interactive elements, readers having the options to go to the tie-in website to add points to a tally of points accumulated so as to access further additional content.

The Darksmith Legacy: The Books

  • Apart from the fiction, the books have TARDIS Data Banks containing more information and activity pages designed to tie in with the websites.
  • Additionally, the books have cut-out or downloadable coupons entitling readers to an invitation to a party in London, provided they had completed the challenges.
  • The first 500 entries providing proof of purchase of any two titles in the series also could receive an exclusive slipcase for the ten-book series.
  • Each book ends in a cliffhanger leading on to the opening paragraphs of the next installment of this ongoing storyline.

The Darksmith Legacy Book Covers

The Darksmith Legacy: The Website

The interactive website supporting The Darksmith Legacy encourages readers to;

  • Register, and become part of a community, and to score points for the completion of THE QUEST through puzzles and tasks.(Registered users were also included in a draw for an end of series party invite.)
  • Complete the Quest - through the completion of the missions additional features (like computer wallpapers) are unlocked.
  • Discover more about the books in the series and the authors (profile, trivia, their writing, favourite monster and favourite Doctor).
  • Learn from the educational content that appears on the TARDIS DATA BANKS (some of which must be retained in order to complete the Quest).

Additional Website Content


  • The Darksmith Legacy's overall storyline was devised by Justin Richards who also wrote four of the ten titles.
  • Each title in the series was priced £4.99 (UK).
  • The Darksmith Legacy was certificated to 13, with under 13's needing parental approval.

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