The Darksmith Legacy was a ten-book series featuring the Tenth Doctor. It was published by BBC Children's Books and supported by an interactive website.

This ten-book series followed the Doctor on his exciting journey to discover the origins of the so-called Eternity Crystal and the powerful artisans who created it - the Darksmiths. The books had interactive elements. Readers had the option to go to the tie-in website to add points to a tally of points, so as to access additional content.

The interactive website supporting The Darksmith Legacy encouraged readers to;

  • Register, and become part of a community, and to score points for the completion of THE QUEST through puzzles and tasks.(Registered users were also included in a draw for an end of series party invite.)
  • Complete the Quest - through the completion of the missions additional features (like computer wallpapers) are unlocked.
  • Discover more about the books in the series and the authors (profile, trivia, their writing, favourite monster and favourite Doctor).
  • Learn from the educational content that appears on the TARDIS DATA BANKS (some of which must be retained in order to complete the Quest).

Readers of the BBC's Doctor Who Adventures magazine were encouraged to get involved in the Quest through regular previews of each new release and special codes that unlocked additional exclusive wallpapers at the website.

Stories[edit | edit source]

# Title Writer Release date
1 The Dust of Ages Justin Richards 29 January 2009
2 The Graves of Mordane Colin Brake
3 The Colour of Darkness Richard Dungworth 26 February 2009
4 The Depths of Despair Justin Richards 26 March 2009
5 The Vampire of Paris Stephen Cole 30 April 2009
6 The Game of Death Trevor Baxendale 28 May 2009
7 The Planet of Oblivion Justin Richards 25 June 2009
8 The Pictures of Emptiness Jacqueline Rayner 30 July 2009
9 The Art of War Mike Tucker 27 August 2009
10 The End of Time Justin Richards 24 September 2009

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Darksmith Legacy's overall storyline was devised by Justin Richards, who also wrote four of the ten titles.
  • The Darksmith Legacy was certificated to 13, with under 13s needing parental approval.
  • Apart from the fiction, the books had TARDIS Data Banks containing more information and activity pages designed to tie in with the website.
  • Additionally, the books had cut-out or downloadable coupons entitling readers to an invitation to a party in London, provided they had completed the challenges.
  • The first 500 entries providing proof of purchase of any two titles in the series also could receive an exclusive slipcase for the ten-book series.
  • Each book ended in a cliffhanger leading on to the opening paragraphs of the next instalment of the ongoing storyline. With the exception of the first book, the first chapter of each book began with a reprise of the cliffhanger, like the television series.

Cover gallery[edit | edit source]

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