The Dark Path was the thirty-second novel in the Virgin Missing Adventures series. It was written by David A. McIntee and featured the Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield. This novel features one of the earliest encounters with the Master and the Doctor, greatly expanding on their personal histories on Gallifrey.

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"He's one of my own people, Victoria, and he's hunting me."

Darkheart: a faded neutron star surrounded by dead planets. But there is life on one of these icy rocks — the last enclave of the Earth Empire, frozen in the image of another time. As the rest of the galaxy enjoys the fruits of the fledgling Federation, these isolated imperials, bound to obey a forgotten ideal, harbour a dark obsession.

The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria arrive to find that the Federation has at last come to reintegrate this lost colony, whether they like it or not. But all is not well in the Federation camp: relations and allegiances are changing. The fierce Veltrochni — angered by the murder of their kinsmen — have an entirely different agenda. And someone else is manipulating the mission for his own mysterious reasons — another time traveller, a suave and assured master of his work.

The Doctor must uncover the terrible secret which brought the Empire to this desolate sector, and find the source of the strange power maintaining their society. But can a Time Lord, facing the ultimate temptation, control his own desires?

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The Doctor Edit

  • The Doctor is recognised as a Noble of Draconia.
  • At first, the Doctor is afraid that Koschei, despite being an old friend, is looking for him under the direction of the Time Lords.

The Master Edit

  • Koschei persuades Terrell to use the Darkheart to destroy Terileptus (home planet of the Terileptils).
  • Koschei uses hypnotism to convince some of the crew he and Ailla have been onboard the Piri Reis all along.

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Planets Edit

  • The Doctor, Jamie and Victoria have just departed Vortis.
  • Darkheart is the location of a device constructed by Chronovores to heal their young and sick. It is actually a hollow bubble made from neutron star material connected to the star by a dimensional bridge
  • Koschei shows Victoria Skaro prior to the period when the Daleks developed space travel.
  • In a bid to prevent Ailla from being killed in the first place before he learns the truth, Koschei shows Terrell how to focus a blast of temporal energy from the Darkheart and the Imperials use it to destroy Terileptus.
  • Koschei compares the pyramid on Darkheart to be similar to the ones on Phaester Osiris.

Psychology Edit

  • Victoria gets hypnotised by Koschei, initially playing on the idea that destroying a planet is not always a crime by referencing the possibility that he could do this to the Daleks.

Species Edit

  • The Veltrochni previously triumphed against the Tzun confederacy. Many of them took to the stars to become nomads to escape the Earth Empire so they wouldn't have history repeated.
  • The Doctor refers to the Animus as Lloigor.
  • Sherwin wishes there was a mentiad on board her ship.
  • Epilira is an Alpha Centauran who was a cultural advisor on the ship Piri Reis.
  • Victoria distantly observes the early Daleks in the Dalek City.
  • There is a mural in the Empire's colony depicting the conquest of the Solonian "mutts."
  • The Federation ship has a culturally diverse crew - humans, a Draconian, a number of Terileptils and an Alpha Centauran among others.


  • Koschei's TARDIS is a Type 45 with user definable macros for easy navigation.
  • The Doctor can use Koschei's TARDIS to remotely control his.
  • Koschei deletes Ailla's rooms in his TARDIS after encountering her new incarnation.

Technology Edit

  • The Darkheart is the technology of the Chronovores. It focuses time energy on any area the creatures needed to heal.
  • The Imperials have found the Darkheart and have learnt it can manipulate morphic fields, and have used it to become immortal. It has a side effect of rendering people sterile.

Theories and concepts Edit

  • Koschei considers the Blinovitch Limitation Effect while pondering saving Ailla's life.
  • The Doctor once explained to Victoria you couldn't change the past in a TARDIS without splitting off another universe. Koschei confirms this before going on to explain that Darkheart can affect time anywhere.

Time Lords Edit

Transport technology Edit

  • "Telefrag" is a Marine Corps term for transmatting somebody into the exact same coordinates as somebody else (the result is "splat").

Notes Edit

  • The story takes place between The Web of Fear and Fury from the Deep, and follows on from Twilight of the Gods.
  • While the publisher's summary mentions "Time Lord", the text of the novel does not. This preserves the inner continuity of the first mention of the name in the television story The War Games.
  • This is the very first, and one of the few, stories to depict the Second Doctor in his own story with the Master, thought it was chronologically preceded by The Home Guard.
  • Scenes cut from the novel were published in the charity anthology Perfect Timing.
  • Victoria briefly observes the Daleks in their city, marking the only appearance of the Daleks in the Virgin Missing Adventures.
  • "Koschei" is a traditional name for male antagonists in Slavic mythology.

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