Published in 1965, The Dalek World was the second of Souvenir Press' line of Dalek annuals. Co-written by series writer David Whitaker and Daleks creator Terry Nation, the book contained information on the Daleks, as well as original stories, comic strips and a textless photo story with Dr. Who featuring images from the movie Dr. Who and the Daleks. Story art was done by A. B. Cornwell, Richard Jennings, W. Wiggins and John Woods, but none of the stories are individually credited.

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The comic stories included in The Dalek World were:

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The short stories included in The Dalek World were:

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The Dalek World also included:

  • The Dalek Task Force
  • The Dalek Creed
  • Inside a Skaro Saucer
  • Anti-Dalek Weapons
  • Strange to Tell ... Facts about the Daleks
  • Dalek Defence Drill
  • Q&A - Know Your Enemy

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