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The Dalek Pocketbook and Space Travellers Guide, published in 1965, was an early Doctor Who spin-off book written by Terry Nation and featuring his creations, the Daleks. The book was written in two parts: the first half was about the Daleks, while the second half was a non-fiction section about astronomy.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

How does a Dalek obtain motive energy when it leaves its own planet? Can a Dalek swim? This is the book — the only book — with all the answers, compiled and presented by Terry Nation, the man who discovered and translated the fantastic Dalek Chronicles.

Here, by arrangement with BBC tv, is a Dalek encyclopaedia and dictionary. The only Dalek reference book which includes anti-Dalek precautions and a completely authentic space-travellers' guide.

Contents[edit | edit source]

THE DALEK POCKETBOOK[edit | edit source]

THE SPACE TRAVELLERS GUIDE[edit | edit source]

Notable features[edit | edit source]

Within the book is a map - "The Dalography of Skaro" detailing various land masses on the planet including one called "Darren".

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