Published in 1966, The Dalek Outer Space Book by Terry Nation and Brad Ashton was the third and final of what have come to be known as "the 1960s Dalek annuals". It was most notable for featuring the exploits of Sara Kingdom and the Space Security Service, then only recently introduced in The Daleks' Master Plan.

Original story art was by Richard Jennings, Leslie Waller, and John Woods but none of the stories were individually credited. Except where artwork was signed, who did what was a matter of speculation.

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  • Despite being seen in two different illustration, Agent "Seven" — a sort of prototype for Mark Seven of The Destroyers — is only mentioned in the short story The Outlaw Planet. This "Seven" is not, however, the same as Mark Seven, the second-in-command of the ADF who was a regular in the 1970s Dalek annuals. This version of the character doesn't at all look the same as his ADF counterpart. For a start, he's got dark hair, whereas the Mark Seven of the ADF is consistently depicted as being blonde. Also, he's always called Agent "Seven" (including quotation marks) in this volume — never Mark Seven or Mark 7, like the 1970s character.

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