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The Dalek Invasion of Time! is the first episode of the video game Doctor Who Infinity. It was released for iOS, Android, and PC and Mac computers.

Both Michelle Gomez and Ingrid Oliver returned to voice Missy and Petronella Osgood respectively.

Publisher's summary[]

A tragic event on the edge of the Time War has led to the unlikely creation of a dangerous new type of Dalek hybrid, after a gifted young child is forced to survive by hooking herself into a Dalek life-support system.

As the young girl tries to exact her revenge, the Twelfth Doctor, Missy, Bill and Nardole find themselves in the midst of a full-scale assault on Earth's timeline.

As the invasion spreads, and the Doctor is forced to turn to some of his closest allies for assistance, can they stop this new enemy? And must the Doctor do the unthinkable and ally with the Daleks to save Earth?


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Writer - George Mann



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