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The Dalek Gambit was the third and final story in the third series of The New Counter-Measures, and the final story in the Counter-Measures range as a whole.

According to the producer, David Richardson, the series' original conclusion was intended to be The Hollow King. However, the story's standalone nature, and fan popularity, resulted in further entries in the series to wrap things up with a better sense of closure.

Following up on the events of The Movellan Manoeuvre, which was released on the same day, The Dalek Gambit serves as the true grand finale and a send-off to the main characters. In celebration, the story pit Counter-Measures against the Daleks, the foe they first fought during their debut appearance in Remembrance of the Daleks.[1]

Publisher's summary[]

After the Movellan attack, the new Counter Measures team discover that key scientists who helped the Movellans are being murdered. Rachel Jensen realises that the Daleks are behind it.

Soon the team finds itself in the middle of a desperate war between Daleks and Movellans. As casualties mount, the Daleks plan to explode a bomb to wipe out the Movellans. Unfortunately it will also destroy all life on Earth.

Rachel finds herself struggling to diffuse the bomb as the clock ticks down. The stakes are high and this time not everyone will make it out alive...


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