Published in 1964, The Dalek Book was the first collection of original, printed stories set in the Doctor Who universe. Also, is the first of Souvenir Press' line of Dalek annuals. Co-written by Dalek creator Terry Nation and series writer David Whitaker, the book contained information on the Daleks, as well as original stories and comic strips, a Dalek dictionary and a photo-story about Susan Foreman meeting the Daleks, featuring images from the 1963-64 serial The Daleks.

Story art was executed by A. B. Cornwell, Richard Jennings and John Woods, but none of the stories are individually credited. Except where artwork is signed, who did what is a matter of speculation. It is believed that the book was largely written by David Whitaker.

Narratively, it was important for introducing the character of Jeff Stone, who was the dominant character of the 1960s Dalek annuals.

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  • The Dalek Planetarium
  • The Dalekode
  • Anatomy of a Dalek
  • Dodge the Dalek
  • Dalek War Machines
  • The Dalography of Skaro - a map of the planet Skaro and its continents Dalazar and Davius
  • The Dalek Dictionary

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