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The Cybermen was the umbrella title for a serialised comic story printed in single-page parts in the style of the TV Century 21 strip The Daleks. For the 50th anniversary of the Cybermen in September 2016, a new The Cybermen story was released in DWM 504 as two pages, one in the inside cover, one in the outside cover.


# Title Writer Featuring Printed in Release date
1 The Dead Heart Alan Barnes TBA DWM 215-220 TBA
2 The Flesh Unbound TBA DWM 221-223 TBA
3 The Black Sky TBA DWM 224-226 TBA
4 The Hungry Sea TBA DWM 227-229 TBA
5 The Dark Flame TBA DWM 230-233 TBA
6 The Future Perfect TBA DWM 234 TBA
7 The Ugly Underneath TBA DWM 235-238 TBA
8 The Prodigal Returns TBA DWM 504 TBA