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The Curse of the Daleks was the first stage play to be based upon elements of Doctor Who and the second production to take place within the Doctor Who universe which didn't actually feature the Doctor after TV: Mission to the Unknown.


The Curse of the Daleks came to London's Wyndham's Theatre at the height of "Dalekmania" in the UK. It had a month-long run from 21 December 1965 to 15 January 1966 as a matinee show. Afterwards, the production was not remounted to go on tour and has never been performed since.


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Captain of the Starfinder
The co-pilot, nicknamed "Rock".
communications engineer
has refrigerated samples of biological specimens from many planets
Vanderlyn's assistant
former Commander, convict arrested for uranium smuggling; has been to Skaro before and knows the Thals
convict arrested for slave-trading
leader of the Thals
Dexion's daughter, is engaged to Ladiver
depowered at the time of the Starfinder's landing
led by a Black Dalek




  • The script for the play is currently filed in the British Library in the Manuscript Collection as Play no 1965/50, Lord Chamberlain's Licence No. 356, November 1965.
  • The writing of the play is credited to both David Whitaker and Terry Nation, although Nation actually had very little to do with it.
  • An advert appeared in The Stage newspaper in October 1966, in which John Gale Productions announced that they were putting their entire stage production of The Curse of the Daleks, including the Daleks, up for sale. The Dalek props, however, did not get sold - they were recycled for Daleks' Invasion Earth 2150 A.D..
  • The frequently used title device "... of the Daleks" did not originate with this story. That honour actually goes to the comic story Invasion of the Daleks.
  • David Whitaker credits this story as coming from one of the Dalek Chronicles.
  • Five Dalek props were used, one painted as a Black Dalek.
  • The "Dalek December" rhyme is a reworking of "Remember, Remember, the Fifth of November".
  • The Power of the Daleks would again feature the idea of depowered Daleks.
  • An official audio adaptation was released by Big Finish Productions in November 2008.


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