The Curse of Fenman was the sixty-fifth Bernice Summerfield audio story released by Big Finish Productions. It was the third story of the New Frontiers series. The release of this story marked the first appearance of Avril Fenman in audio, in which she is portrayed by Georgia Moffett. Fenman had previously appeared in the novel The Squire's Crystal in 2001.

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It's Advent Day on Legion: a time that traditionally calls for celebration; a day spent with the people you love, when all the family come together, setting aside their differences... or when they bring old scores to settle.

An old foe has been biding her time, manipulating the people and events around Bernice Summerfield for as long as any of them can remember... She knows so many secrets — the secrets they've all been hiding — but not everybody wants to learn the truth.

Today is the day Avril Fenman comes to Legion. She comes to claim her son... and to set Bernice on her final, lonely battle. But will her friends stand by her, one last time?

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