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The Curator was an elderly incarnation of the Doctor who had retired from his adventurous ways to become "[the] humble curator" of the Under Gallery.


A day to come[]

When encountering the "Vortex Butterfly", the Tenth Doctor was cryptically told that he would not be "limited" to "thirteen lives". (COMIC: Vortex Butterflies)

When the Eleventh Doctor's timeline became distorted, the Curator was seen as one of his future incarnations, at the end of his lifespan. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

When Captain Lundvik threatened to shoot him, the Twelfth Doctor speculated that he would "keep on regenerating forever" if he was executed. (TV: Kill the Moon) Rassilon would later state his own uncertainty to the number of regenerations the Doctor had been granted, (TV: Hell Bent) with the Master and Missy also considering their own uncertainty when debating whether to throw the Twelfth Doctor from a roof, believing they "could have been up and down the stairs all night". (TV: The Doctor Falls)


Many years after the Eighth Doctor had regenerated on Karn, in circumstances "too scandalous to relate" to others, the Curator asked Ohila what had been in his regeneration potion that supposedly contained the Elixir of Life. He and Ohila were good friends by this point, and she told him she had actually given him dry ice and lemonade and went on to explain that the dark nature of the Doctor had always been inside of him and she just needed him to believe it had come from somewhere else while he was the War Doctor.

The Curator was often visited by Clara Oswald, although he pretended not to remember her.

During one of his many visits to Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, the Curator asked him what the most important quality in a UNIT commander was, and he responded with the answer of "good handwriting". The Curator and Alistair got up to a lot of "mischief" and laughed with each other until he died, with the Curator often hiding under Alistair's bed when Kate Stewart came to visit so her father could pretend she was his only visitor. One activity they did was play Risk together, with Alistair always being the Daleks, which the Curator found "a bit unfair". (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)


After deciding to retire from "getting involved", the Curator took up a position as the curator of the Under Gallery. He still had the TARDIS in his possession, which retained its police box form. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

Under "remarkable circumstances", the Curator was able to acquire Gallifrey Falls No More and brought it to the Under Gallery. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) The Curator showed his "colleague" Henry Black the Gallifrey Falls No More painting, and even updated him on the extended title of the work, Gallifrey Falls No More (Until the Next Time). (PROSE: Dr Black)

On another of his visits to see Alistair, he told him he was planning to write a book about the last day of the Last Great Time War called the Doctor Papers. Alistair told him that information within it was classified material to which the Curator responded he had a plan to mark the book as fiction. The Curator had the Doctor Papers published on psychic paper in 2003. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

The Curator rang Anke Von Grisel, curator of the Verbier Museum of the Impossible, to apologise for his previous arrogance, admitting that the artefacts that she kept only existed because of the Tenth Doctor's mistakes during the Kotturuh crisis. He warned her that he worried that, in causing those things to exist, his tenth incarnation may have opened a door to "let something in", (PROSE: Canaries) allowing Different and Same to escape the Last Great Time War through paradox energy. (PROSE: The Paradox Moon, Canaries)

The day of the Doctor[]

At around the time the time fissure appeared in the Under Gallery in 2013, the Curator was in the middle of moving some of the more dangerous artefacts in the Under Gallery to the Black Archive marking the empty display cases and stands with a "B".

For the Doctor Papers, the Curator compiled them together in order to make comments about them. The sections where the Curator talked to the reader, however, were written live and sent ten years into the past because he got "sloppy about the deadline". Towards the end of the book, the Curator got his webcam working, meaning it would automatically translate what was going on into prose. As a treat, he set off to find his past incarnations and discover the identity of a mysterious stranger who met with him, possibly from the Doctor's past or future. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

When his war, tenth and eleventh incarnations rendezvoused at the National Gallery after the final battle of the Last Great Time War, the Curator approached Clara Oswald, telling her he was looking for the Doctor. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) Another account suggested he accidentally alerted the Eleventh Doctor to his presence by speaking to himself around the corner at which point he decided to get involved in the narrative, even though it was strictly against rules. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor) When the Eleventh Doctor was alone, the Curator made his presence known when the Doctor noted how he could retire and be a curator, with the Curator exclaiming that he "really [thought] [the Doctor] might." Stunned by how familiar the Curator was, the Doctor noted that he "never [forgot] a face", the Curator merely noted that the Doctor would revisit a few in years to come but just the "old favourites".

He told the Doctor that the name of the painting was neither No More nor Gallifrey Falls, but in fact one title Gallifrey Falls No More. Despite proclaiming to be a "humble curator [who] wouldn't really know", he told the Doctor that Gallifrey was lost, and pointed him in the direction to search for it, telling him he had "a lot to do" and congratulating him. When the Doctor tried to pry into his meaning, the Curator retaliated by pointing out it was the Doctor's choice. He was then about to tell the Doctor what he would do if he was him, but then teasingly said that "perhaps [he] was [him]," or that maybe the Doctor had been him, before deciding that it "[didn't] matter either way" and left (TV: The Day of the Doctor) to have tea with Ohila and Elizabeth I, deeming "the day of the Doctor" to have finally ended. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

Reunion with Liv and Helen[]

In 2020, the Curator was reunited with Liv Chenka and Helen Sinclair outside of the Eighth Doctor's damaged TARDIS, although he kept his identity secret. He visited Jim to ask what he had given to the Eighth Doctor, feeling that time would soon be other than it should. He later told Ron Winters to send Midge to the Under Gallery and then encountered Liv and Helen again in a cafe, paying their tab. After giving Robin Bright-Thompson money for a hot chocolate, he visited Midge to jog his memory about the Pandora Bolt. The Curator allowed Helen to follow him and told her to look after the Doctor. (AUDIO: Lost Property)

The Curator met Helen again in Trafalgar Square, suggesting she look closer to home regarding the impact of the recent paradox. He later encountered Gemma Houlbrooke on a bench in Camden. (AUDIO: The Long Way Round)


The Curator appears as the Doctor's future incarnation. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

Having the appearance of an elderly Fourth Doctor, the Curator's face was wrinkled with baggy cheeks, a hooked nose and a pronounced throat. He had light blue eyes and big ears with dangling ear lobes.

Though he was balding, his hair was completely white and he lacked eyebrows. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)


The Curator wore a blazer of olive green herringbone-tweed, a beige and maroon tattersall shirt, mahogany brown trousers and caramel brown slip-on shoes with ivory socks. In his blazer breast pocket, he kept a crimson handkerchief. He also walked with a cane and wore a navy blue ascot tie under his shirt. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) He also once wore a burgundy ascot tie, a cream shirt, black belt with a buckle and a sportjacket of bracken green moleskin. (COMIC: The Then and the Now)

As some incarnations before him, the Curator owned a pair of "brainy" glasses that he didn't actually need, but would occasionally put on to make himself look clever. (PROSE: The Day of the Doctor)

Behind the scenes[]


An early draft of The Day of the Doctor has the Moment serve in the role of the Curator. Moffat later reflected that is was possible to interpret that the character was the Moment finding a form to speak to the Doctor through, however his intentions of the scene was simply that the Curator was a future incarnation of the Doctor, who had settled down and picked a new face every day to revisit.[1]

This is never concretely stated in either the script or dialogue of Day of the Doctor, and the audience was essentially left to believe that this was either the Doctor or a person who looked like the Doctor and enjoyed insinuating that he might be him. Baker played the part in a heavily meta way, seemingly stopping briefly to congratulate Matt Smith instead of the Eleventh Doctor, and then turning the final line ("who knows?") into a pun, by tapping his nose (thus, "Who nose"). Like all the other Doctors, Baker is listed only as "The Doctor" in the credits sequence.

The first narrative story to unambiguously state that the Curator was a future Doctor was COMIC: The Then and the Now, which illustrated the timelines of the various characters being briefly refracted around them. The Eleventh Doctor was seen with the First Doctor to his back and the Curator to his front, revealing his past and future.

Since then, it has become standard for numerous pieces of media to feature the Curator as an unambiguous incarnation of the Doctor, including the novelisation of Day of the Doctor.


In DWM 487, showrunner Steven Moffat suggested that, just as the war and tenth incarnations retain no memory of the events of The Day of the Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor would not remember the specifics of his conversation with the Curator but will leave the Under Gallery "with the strange, groundless conviction that Gallifrey is still out there". This is reflected in The Time of the Doctor, where the Eleventh Doctor voices his uncertainty regarding whether Gallifrey was actually saved (and also indicates that he has no future incarnations, an important plot point of the episode).

Other matters[]