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The Crusade was the tenth and final in a series of script books released by Titan Books.

Two more titles, The Abominable Snowmen and The Pirate Planet, were planned by Titan, but never released.

Publisher's summary[]

Peril in Palestine...

The TARDIS lands in twelfth century Palestine, near the city of Jaffa. Barbara is soon kidnapped by the mighty Saracen leader, Saladin, and Ian sets off to rescue her. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Vicki are taken to the court of Richard The Lionheart, who is leading the crusade against the Saracens.

Read for the first time the complete script of one of the great "lost" Doctor Who stories, together with full cast list, production notes and an exciting look behind the scenes with background and technical information.

Subject matter[]

Modified camera scripts of the televised Doctor Who adventure The Crusade, of which only the third episode, "The Wheel of Fortune", existed in the BBC Archives at the time. Although an episode existed, it was decided to use the same source material for all four episodes. The editorial asked readers whether they would prefer the camera scripts or transcripts, but no further script books were published by Titan.


Notable features[]

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  • Published in paperback
  • Priced £4.99 (UK)
  • Dedication: “For Trevor Montgomery”