The Crossroads of Time was a Seventh Doctor comic published in Doctor Who Magazine.

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Death's Head, who was sent flying through the Vortex, collides with the TARDIS. The TARDIS and Death's Head both land on an uninhabited moon. The Doctor gets out of the TARDIS and notes that, since he collided with something (Death's Head) in the Vortex, a Time Warden should appear. Sure enough, one does appear, and begins questioning the Doctor. Death's Head recovers, now standing at his full 30 feet height. The Time Warden gets skittish and leaves, telling the Doctor to deal with it on his own. Death's Head picks up the Doctor in his hand. After some quick negotiating, the Doctor is able to escape Death's Head's grasp and retrieves The Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator, which the Doctor confiscated inside his TARDIS. He boasts Death's Head with it. Death's Head does not shrink down to microscopic size like the Doctor planned, but rather shrinks down to the same size as the Doctor. He then attempts to kill the Doctor, who ducks under a swing from Death's Head's mace, and begins running just as the Time Warden reappeared. The Time Warden is again scared off by Death's Head, who is now pursuing the Doctor deeper into the moon. The Doctor realises that he cannot combat Death's Head, and offers the TARDIS to Death's Head in exchange for keeping his life. Death's Head agrees, and enters the TARDIS with the Doctor. The Doctor distracts Death's Head long enough to get to the controls and operate the teleporter. He succeeds, and Death's Head is teleported to the 81st century, just as the Time Warden reappears.

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  • Among the items the Doctor uses to bargain with Death's Head are jelly babies, a common feature during the Fourth Doctor's era.
  • This story was written to enable Death's Head to be removed from Transformers continuity, shrunk and dropped into Dragon's Claws at human size.

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