The Crimes of Thomas Brewster was the one hundred and forty-third monthly Doctor Who audio story produced by Big Finish Productions. Released in 2011, it was the first in a series of three Sixth Doctor audio stories from Big Finish released during that year.

It is notable for featuring the third appearance of DI Patricia Menzies, for featuring the first appearance of the Doctor's future companion Flip Jackson, for turning the Fifth Doctor's former companion Thomas Brewster into a companion of the Sixth Doctor and for retconning Evelyn Smythe's personal timeline to include a time where she shared the TARDIS with another companion.

Publisher's summary

Sent down south to assist the Metropolitan Police in their efforts to investigate the gangland kingpin known only as "the Doctor", Detective-Inspector Patricia Menzies finds herself up to her neck in laser-armed robot mosquitoes, gun-running criminal overlords, vanishing Tube trains... and not one, but two Doctors.

Meanwhile the real Doctor, and his academic assistant Professor Evelyn Smythe, have become ensnared in the machinations of an old acquaintance — time-travelling Victorian guttersnipe Thomas Brewster. But what's Brewster's connection to the rapacious robot Terravores? And can anyone contain the gathering swarm?


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Cultural references from the real world

  • After her previous encounters with the Doctor, Menzies decided to do some research into time travel. She did not read The Time Traveler's Wife but watched the first ten minutes of the film instead. The Doctor was not familiar with either.
  • Menzies compares the interior of the TARDIS to "Captain Kirk's ship." She asks why the TARDIS console room does not have any chairs. The Doctor responds: "Detective Inspector, may I tell you something and I can't stress this enough: I am not Captain Kirk."
  • Evelyn refers to Brewster's Edwardian garb as being reminiscent of the ITV drama series Brideshead Revisited whereas Jared refers to him as Caractacus Pott, the main character of the musical film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.
  • Jared mentions Call of Duty and Avatar.
  • Flip's ringtone is Pokerface by Lady Gaga.

The Doctor

  • While being interviewed by Menzies, Evelyn tells her that the Doctor's name is "Dr. John Smith."
  • Upon being told that a gangster who calls himself "the Doctor" has been buying up heavy artillery, the Doctor briefly suspects that one of his future incarnations is responsible. He tells Evelyn that he would not put it past some of them, presumably referring to the Seventh Doctor, whom he previously encountered on Gallifrey. Evelyn's description of Brewster as a fair-haired young man in his twenties wearing an Edwardian coat leads him to believe that it is, in fact, his fifth incarnation. He is initially concerned as to why he does not remember visiting London in 2010 during his previous incarnation. He tells Menzies that he may be suffering from a form of temporal amnesia.
  • The Doctor is able to survive a three storey jump from a building practically unscathed.

Fashion and clothing

  • After the Doctor's coat is destroyed in the explosion of the Terravore which had been pursuing Evelyn and him, he is given a jumper and jeans from the police station's lost property. He tells Evelyn that he has twelve other identical coats in the TARDIS wardrobe.


  • Menzies asks Evelyn what has become of Charley Pollard. Evelyn has never heard of her as the Sixth Doctor did not meet Charley until after Evelyn had left the TARDIS crew.
  • Menzies was recently seconded from the Greater Manchester Police to the Metropolitan Police Service due to her experience with mysterious individuals calling themselves "the Doctor."
  • When Evelyn attempts to test Brewster's claim that he is the Doctor, she mentions the Daleks. Having never heard of them, Brewster tries to bluff by claiming that they are pair of criminals named Billy and Terry Dalek.
  • When he meets Brewster, the Doctor uses the nom de plume "Norman de Plume." He later tells Brewster that he is one of the Doctor's companions and Menzies is the Doctor, having regenerated into a female incarnation.
  • Brewster tells the Doctor that his girlfriend Connie Winter was hit by a car and left in an irreversible coma. As the doctors told her that she had no chance of recovery, Brewster had her taken off of life support.



  • The Locus tells the Doctor that all life on Symbios exist in symbiosis, hence the name of the planet.
  • A future incarnation of the Doctor saved Symbios from the Drahvins at a considerably earlier point in the planet's history.
  • While in possession of Evelyn, the Locus tells the Doctor that it infuses every living thing on Symbios with life and therefore nothing ever dies on the planet.


Theories and concepts

  • The Doctor tells Menzies that, due to the Blinovitch Limitation Effect, he experiences a prickling sensation on the back of his hand when one of his past or future incarnations is in the vicinity.

Time travel

  • Seeking to return to his own time, Brewster reactivated the time machine which he had built while under the influence of the alien posing as his mother in 1867. This allowed the Locus to make contact with him under the mistaken impression that he was the Doctor.

Transport technology


  • The Doctor claims to know how to drive a speedboat, though his efforts are less than successful.



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