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The Completely Unofficial Encyclopedia was a Doctor Who reference book published by Mad Norwegian Press.

Publisher's summary[edit | edit source]

The only reference book you'll never need

"Brilliantly amusing" — SFX

"An unqualified 10 out of 10" — Dreamwatch

"The single funniest book I've ever read" — Doctor Who Magazine

"I raised my eyes upwards, despairing that such inanities could every reach print" – TV Zone

That's what they said about Doctor Who: The Completely Useless Encyclopedia. And now, just ten years later, it's back and less licensed than ever — with another decade's worth of pointless trivia about the unexpectedly-popular-again TV series.

Inside this all-new volume, you'll find:

  • The series' biggest Deus Ex Machinas
  • The silliest Doctor Who spin-offs... official or otherwise!
  • Brand new ways for fans to show themselves up using technology
  • No fantastic free gifts, but only one cover to collect

...and lots of other stuff for the obsessive scarf-wearer. Just don't let your non-fan friends see it; they wouldn't understand.

Subject matter[edit | edit source]

The Completely Unofficial Encyclopaedia is an updated addendum to the authors' previous book, The Completely Useless Encyclopedia. It provides an irreverant look at Doctor Who, its cast and crew, its fandom, and other reference guides. There are also Top 10 Lists throughout the book.

Such lists include:

  • Non-TV companions to the Eighth Doctor
  • Potential Titles for Anyone Thinking of Making More Doctor Who Porn (One for Each Doctor)
  • Pre-Russell T Deus Ex Machinas
  • Proper Doctor Who stage plays With Licences and Everything and Their Respective Claims to Canonicity

The book also covers various fan topics such as the so called "gay agenda".

Notes[edit | edit source]

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Publishing notes[edit | edit source]

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