The Company was a powerful Earth-based corporation in late 21st century and early 22nd century with strong government connections. It was behind such institutions as the Elite Programme, of which Zoe Heriot was part as a child, and the Whitaker Institute in Australia. (AUDIO: Echoes of Grey, The Memory Cheats) It also operated Space Station Apollo and Space Station Artemis in Saturn's orbit. (AUDIO: Second Chances)

When the Company became aware of Zoe's history as a time traveller, they were seeking knowledge of what she had learned. Zoe refused to cooperate with them, so the Company engineered her arrest on charges that carried the death penalty, threatening to have her executed unless she could prove she had travelled in time and share the secret of time travel with them. She was being interrogated by Company employees Jen and Kym. (AUDIO: The Memory Cheats, The Uncertainty Principle, Second Chances)

The Company used the Apollo space station to develop a virus capable of transferring itself to living tissue and other matter. The virus eventually destroyed the Apollo and the Artemis.

Zoe came to the Artemis with Kym, who tried to take the virus data for herself. Zoe sent a modified version of the virus to the Company's headquarters where it would take out the Company's entire computer mainframe and then self-destruct before it could spread to any organic matter. In the process, the virus was also released into the escape shuttle, destroying it as Kym gave up her own breathing mask to keep Zoe alive before pushing her out of the ship into space, where she was eventually recovered by Jen. Now free of the Company, Jen continued to help Zoe recover her memories, even as they seemed to become increasingly hazy for her. (AUDIO: Second Chances)

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