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The Companions was a book about companions written by John Nathan-Turner while he was still producer of Doctor Who.

Publisher's summary[]

It used to be claimed that there were just two requirements to be a "companion" in Doctor Who. The first was to be able to scream and run at the same time. The second was to be able to say "What do we do next, Doctor?" with conviction!

Following his highly successful book on the six Doctors, Doctor Who: The TARDIS Inside Out, John Nathan-Turner examines the Doctor's companions. Thirty companions are mentioned, and fifteen are discussed in some depth. The text is complemented by Stuart Hughes' beautiful full-colour and black and white illustrations.

Subject matter[]

  • John Nathan-Turner examines and details many of the companions up to "the new companion" Melanie with several behind the scenes comments.

Notable features[]


  • Published by arrangement with the BBC, John Nathan Turner was the currently serving Producer of the show and this publication followed the previously published title The TARDIS Inside Out.
  • Most of the companions covered are reduced to a few lines with simply name, played by, first appearance, last appearance and a line of comment.
  • A bit more depth is given to the companions featured during John Nathan-Turner's time with the show from Romana through to Peri (played by Nicola Bryant), the then current travelling companion soon to leave the show.