The Coming of the Terraphiles was an Eleventh Doctor novel published by BBC Books. It was written by Michael Moorcock.

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There are dark tides running through the universe...

Miggea - a star on the very edge of reality. The cusp between this universe and the next. A point where space-time has worn thin, and is in danger of collapsing... And the venue for the grand finals of the competition to win the fabled Arrow of Law. The Doctor and Amy have joined the Terraphiles - a group obsessed with all aspects of Earth's history, and dedicated to re-enacting ancient sporting events. They are determined to win the Arrow. But just getting to Miggea proves tricky. Reality is collapsing, ships are disappearing, and Captain Cornelius and his pirates are looking for easy pickings. Even when they arrive, the Doctor and Amy's troubles won't be over. They have to find out who is so desperate to get the Arrow of Law that they will kill for it. And uncover the traitor on their own team. And win the contest fair and square. And, of course, they need to save the universe from total destruction.

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  • The novel is subtitled Pirates of the Second Aether.
  • According to an interview with the author, Captain Jack Harkness was to appear in this novel, meeting the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond for the first time.[source needed]
  • The novel is the first one of its format, although it is quite similar to other Eleventh Doctor novels. The font is the same, as is the style for chapter numbering and the first few words of each chapter. The differences include the book's greater length, titles given to each chapter, the front cover can be removed and the main cast are not seen on the front of the book.
  • This novel takes place not only in the Doctor Who universe but also in Moorcock's broader fictional multiverse. Jerry Cornelius appears as Captain Cornelius, and the Doctor is implied to be another aspect of the "Eternal Champion" character that appears in many or all of Moorcock's other stories. The novel as a whole acts as a prequel to Moorcock's 1995-1996 Second Ether trilogy.

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