The Colour of Monsters was the eleventh and final short story in the Short Trips anthology Short Trips: Monsters. It was written by Steve Lyons. It featured an unspecified Doctor.

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An alien has crashed on Earth. Injured, he makes his way to a barn.

A young girl named Amy enters the barn. The alien tries to convince her that he is a monster to be feared, but she giggles and gives him the name Misha.

To protect himself, Misha tells Amy that she cannot tell anyone about him, and that only she can see him. After listening to her talk, Misha is almost tempted to stay here with her, but then he realises that he is too different to be accepted. He begins to strangle her, but is stopped when an extravagantly-dressed man enters the barn. He gives Misha a chance to surrender, but is forced to destroy him when he refuses. The man comforts Amy and leaves.

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  • This incarnation of the Doctor bears a similarity to the Sixth Doctor due to his manner of speaking and the words used to describe his appearance. Yet beyond this vague link, a solid connection to an incarnation of the Doctor cannot be made.

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