The Colonel told Jago and Litefoot that he worked for Queen Victoria. In that capacity, he sent them to investigate various unusual occurrences. (AUDIO: The Final Act)

He sent them to Suffolk to find out about ghosts in a fog. (AUDIO: The Skeleton Quay)

He wanted to know about Dr Heinrich Tulp and the other investigations that the Jago and Litefoot went on, to facilitate his plans to overthrow the British government by using their past experiences to perfect his own artificial soldiers. (AUDIO: Military Intelligence)

After framing Litefoot for Jago's death, the Colonel planted evidence to suggest that they were responsible for his own plans to destroy Buckingham Palace with a massive cannon, thus assassinating Queen Victoria and leaving him to assert his own plans to re-militarise the empire. He was killed before he could complete his plan when Jago was able to adjust the Colonel's cannon to aim straight upwards rather than at Buckingham Palace, resulting in the cannon's explosives striking the cannon itself, although the faked evidence he had planted forced Jago and Litefoot to go on the run. (AUDIO: The Trial of George Litefoot)

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