The Collected Adventures 2015 was the first collected version of all Erimem stories from a particular year.

Publisher's summary Edit

Daughter and heir of Pharaoh Amenhotep II, Erimem left Egypt to explore and learn but she is drawn through space and time to London in the Twenty First Century.

With a new group of friends and an ability to travel the universe, Erimem's journeys take her from Earth's past the distant worlds in the far future.

Erimem's adventures have only just begun.

This collection contains the Erimem novel, novellas and short stories first published in 2015.

Stories Edit

Title Author
The Last PharaohIain McLaughlin
The Beast of StalingradIain McLaughlin
The One PlaceClaire Bartlett
In Search of Doctor XBeth Jones
Angel of MercyJulianne Todd, Claire Bartlett, and Iain McLaughlin

Notes Edit

  • This collection introduces a redesign of the Erimem title where the letters are now curved instead of rigid. The design continues on subsequent publications.

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