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The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo was the second episode of Class. It was written by Patrick Ness, directed by Ed Bazalgette and featured Greg Austin as Charlie Smith, Fady Elsayed as Ram Singh, Sophie Hopkins as April MacLean, Vivian Oparah as Tanya Adeola and Katherine Kelly as Miss Quill.

It was released at the same time as For Tonight We Might Die, on BBC Three.

It saw the death of Coal Hill Academy head teacher Mr Armitage, who began as a recurring character in Doctor Who's Into the Dalek two years prior.

The story focused heavily on Ram, and how he dealt with the events that unfolded in the previous story.

A subplot involving a robot inspector emerged in this episode. It was later revealed that the robot had been sent by a mysterious organisation, who seemed to be interested in the activities of Miss Quill.

This is the only episode where Matteusz is not present during the alien incursion, apparently being "grounded".

Synopsis Edit

Ram Singh has seen too much. His girlfriend's dead, he lost his leg, and now he sees a gruesome corpse in the locker room. Meanwhile, he has trouble adapting to his new prosthetic leg, screwing up in football. Someone else dies. Is it all in his head, or is this the work of a skin-peeling dragon?

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Ram is in the middle of a football game, but fails to perform well due to new alien leg, disappointing his trainer Coach Dawson, and his father Varun.

In the changing rooms, Dawson's assistant coach Caroll is brutally mauled and skinned alive by a dragon like creature. It leaves through a rift in time, just before Ram enters the room and discovers Carroll's body. Horrified, and remembering Rachael's death, he locks himself inside a toilet cubicle. When he emerges, he finds all traces of the murder gone. Dawson appears, still angry at Ram, and tells him to go home. When Ram leaves, Dawson is shown to have a large Dragon tattoo covering most of his back. He finds a drop of blood on the shower floor, and wipes it away with his foot, stating that "he is in control" as the camera zooms in to show blood on the Dragon tattoo's teeth. The dragon then blinks.

to be continued

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Coal Hill School Edit

People Edit

  • Mr Armitage says that the education secretary thinks all teachers are monkeys.
  • Ram smokes.
  • Ram's father, Varun, continues to come to his football practices. He first taught Ram to play, and encourages him to practice with his new prosthetic leg until he gets it right.
  • Miss Quill asks Ram whether he was watching porn while doing his homework. Ram sarcastically answers that he was masturbating good and that he had to do homework one-handed.
  • Ram thinks he may be suffering from PTSD.
  • When trying to find the Inspector online, Quill at first found a Paul Smith who was not him.
  • The Inspector poses as being from Ofsted.
  • Mr Armitage asks Miss Quill not to misbehave in front of The Inspector as the Coal Hill governors would not like it.
  • April plays the violin, mostly folk music.
  • Tanya has two brothers: Jarvis and Damon, with whom she plays Xbox.
  • April's dad calls her, but she doesn't pick up.
  • While inspecting the robot parts that was the Inspector, Miss Quill discovers them to be property of the Governors, and wonders who they might be.

Technology Edit

  • Tanya, Charlie and April attempted to call Ram.
  • Tanya's computer uses Windows Vista.
  • Tanya is trying to hack into UNIT's database.
  • Ram and Tanya are again video calling on Chat.
    • Later on April and Charlie join.
  • Miss Quill remarks, of the internet, "Have you seen what this species puts about themselves online? So much genitalia."
  • At home, Charlie has an iMac computer.
  • Tanya downloaded the UNIT hack attempt off Reddit.
  • April has an iPhone and a keyboard.

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Story notes Edit

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Quill's inspection

An image of the Inspector's report on Miss Quill that was released on the official Class Facebook page.

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Footnotes Edit

  1. Class Coach Thursday

    Thursday at 8:14 PM

    1. We see on Charlie's computer that the day of the confrontation with Coach Dawson is a Thursday. This story takes place over 4 distinct and consecutive days, so it must begin on Monday.
    2. We know from a poster in For Tonight We Might Die that the Autumn Prom took place on Friday, 14 October, during which Rachel Chapman died.
    3. Varun Singh says in this episode that it's been a week since she disappeared. Exactly a week after Prom would be 21 October, but that's a Friday, because the 14th was a Friday. Three days later is 24 October, the only Monday on which Varun could possibly say it's been a week since Prom. Thus, this story takes place between Monday 24 and Thursday 27 October.
  2. In The Coach with the Dragon Tattoo, we see a plaque that tells us the Barbara Wright Building was completed in spring 2016. Additionally, Nightvisiting, set two years after Jasper Adeola's death, tells us he died in 2014. Finally, Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart confirms that Charlie and Miss Quill arrived on Earth in September 2016.
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