The Church and the Crown was the second story to feature Caroline Morris as Erimem and her first as a companion travelling with the Doctor. This story is another in a line of stories to feature a doppelganger of the Doctor/companions, with Nicola Bryant voicing both Peri Brown and the Queen of France.

Publisher's summary

A nation divided...

A Queen's life at risk...

A net of conspiracy closing in...

Sometimes being a time travelling adventurer just isn't easy...

For a start there's a temperamental TARDIS that lands a few thousand years off course in 17th century Paris. But why shouldn't the Fifth Doctor, Peri and their travelling guest Erimem take a look around the city on the morning of King Louis' annual State Ball?

As Peri becomes embroiled in a plot to kill Queen Anne and smash the unity of the Church and the Crown, the Doctor finds himself duelling musketeers on the streets.

With Peri missing, Erimem catching King Louis' eye and a Musketeer's sword at your throat, could things get any worse?



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  • The Doctor tells Erimem that, earlier in his personal timeline, he met an older version of Louis XIII in 1638. He claims to have "had a nip and tuck since then," indicating that it was one of his first four incarnations.
  • Erimem names her new pet cat Antranak.
  • The Doctor offers to take Peri and Erimem to Barastabon for a chocolate cake.
  • Before landing in France, the Doctor was trying to reach the Braxiatel Collection.
  • The Doctor has visited the Louvre since its modern retrofit with the glass pyramid and didn't like it.
DWM illistration The Church and the Crown

The comic preview for this story. (DWM 324)


  • Based on known history and clues in the story, it is possible to definitively date The Church and the Crown to 1626.
    • Richelieu says he was tasked with helping Louis achieve his dream of a united France "two years ago". Cardinal Richelieu was named Louis XIII's chief minister in 1624.
    • The Doctor says Buckingham will be killed in "two years' time". Buckingham died in 1628.
  • Marcus Hutton would play another Duke of Buckingham in BFA: The Kingmaker, which also featured the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem.
  • This audio drama was recorded on 5 and 6 September 2002.



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