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Doctor Who: The Christmas Trap was the first purchasable level pack of the video game Doctor Who: The Mazes of Time.[1]


The Doctor and Amy Pond were here in the 1980s. They think that something is wrong. They see Autons invading during the 1980s. Will the Doctor and Amy stop them before they kill every last human on the planet?


In the 1980s, the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond arrive in a village, which, according to Amy, looks like a village on a Christmas card. The Doctor tells Amy that a week before their arrival the locals claimed that a star fell to Earth. The locals erected a big plastic Christmas village around the crash site and started charging people to see it. However, none of the visitors ever came back. After the Doctor had told Amy about this, they both go into the village. There they find a Nestene sphere. Amy thinks it's a fallen star. But the Doctor tells her that it is a fragment of an alien consciousness with the power to animate plastic. There are portals to other areas in the village, increasing the range of the Sphere's influence. The Doctor uses the sphere to close all the portals. Meanwhile, the sphere activates a lot of Autons. Furthermore armed Santa dummies come to life. The Doctor and Amy have to be careful around them. Then the Doctor puts TARDIS the Sphere back into hibernation and transports it to Bakelit, an uninhabited planet. Amy asks the Doctor if Christmas always is this tense with him. The Doctor replies that Amy doesn't even know the half of it.



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  • Amy calls the Doctor "Sherlock", after well known detective Sherlock Holmes.

Story notes[]


  • This game marks the reappearance of the Nestene Spheres, which were first seen in Spearhead from Space; here, they try to trap the Doctor and Amy by sealing plastic doors over the exits of the rooms the Spheres inhabit, which can only be re-opened if the Spheres are transported to certain portals. In a nod to the Nestenes' debut episode, if a Sphere gets close enough to an Auton to activate it, the Sphere will emit the same warbling sound that they made in "Spearhead".

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