The Christmas Inversion was the third short story in Twelve Doctors of Christmas, featuring the Third Doctor.

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  • This story essentially takes place at the same time as The Christmas Invasion, with the Third Doctor arriving in Jackie's flat after the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS has been taken up to the Sycorax ship and leaving after his future self has been returned to London.

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  • It's explained that the Tenth Doctor was able to complete his regeneration and stabilise his new incarnation by siphoning regenerative energy off of the Third Doctor, the latter referring to it as "energy osmosis".

Continuity Edit

  • The Doctor mentions the "Omega business". (TV: The Three Doctors)
  • Jackie believes that the Doctor has regenerated again, and, when meeting Jo and Yates, she thinks that Rose and Mickey have also changed their appearance. (TV: The Christmas Invasion)
  • UNIT's secret HQ is no longer located inside a building marked with a sign which reads "UNIT Headquarters," (TV: The Five Doctors) and in instead a base under the Tower of London. (TV: The Power of Three)
  • Jackie asks Jo why she isn't in the Doctor's future, and wonders if he makes a habit out of taking people with him before moving on. Rose herself will confront this thinking when meeting Sarah Jane Smith. (TV: School Reunion)
  • When Mike Yates mentions UNIT's name (United Nations Intelligence Taskforce), the Beefeater notes that it's actually "Unified Intelligence [Taskforce]." This same discrepancy was noted in a conversation between Jack Harkness and John Benton. (COMIC: Official Secrets)
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