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On an occasion where the Twelfth Doctor was away from his office in St Luke's University, Nardole attempted to avoid opening the door to Ratatoskr and the 47th Maurading Horde of Onagatis 5 by using the excuse he was watching The Chase. (PROSE: I Am the Doctor)

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

I Am the Doctor is ambiguous in regards to its reference to The Chase, as it equally likely that it is referring to the television series or the Doctor Who serial of the same name.

In the real world, The Chase is a British game show hosted by Bradley Walsh, who also plays companion Graham O'Brien. This connection is alluded to in the novel The Good Doctor, where the Thirteenth Doctor tells Graham that he looks like "the man from that game show".

If the reference is intended to be towards the Doctor Who serial, this furthers the already extensive mythos of the Doctor Who franchise existing within the DWU.

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