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The Celluloid Midas was a Third Doctor comic story published in TV Action.


The government requests the Doctor's help after the cast and crew of a TV series are found to have turned to plastic.



  • The Doctor rents a cottage in the country.
  • The cast and crew of the BBC television show The Squire of Crampton is petrified into plastic.
  • The Doctor is described as an ex-Time Lord.
  • The Doctor stops Ned through the use of Venusian karate.
  • According to the guard, many citizens in the village attempted to fight to stop Midas, including the Vicar, Squire Ferfuson, Doctor Sims, and others, but they all became statues in Midas' processing room.
  • While searching for a way to reverse the process of Midas' gun ray, the Doctor deduces that the answer must be found in the emerald filament. He finds the solution to be simple, as he increases the input of the crystal generator and bypasses the circuit.
  • Denis Peters works for Department Three.


  • Sir Oswald Holland is referred to as "Sir Oswald Rippon" in the first instalment.
  • Bessie is called "Betsy" in this story.
  • The title possibly alludes to the mythical King Midas, a ruler who was cursed for his excessive greed with a touch that turned everything to gold.

Original print details[]

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVA 23 (3 pages) To be continued!
  • TVA 24 (2 pages) TO BE CONTINUED!
  • TVA 25 (2 pages) To be continued!
  • TVA 26 (2 pages) To be continued!
  • TVA 27 (2 pages) MORE NEXT WEEK !
  • TVA 28 (2 pages) TO BE CONTINUED!
  • TVA 29 (2 pages) TO BE CONTINUED!
  • TVA 30 (2 pages) To be continued !
  • TVA 31 (2 pages) More next week!
  • TVA 32 (2 pages) Great new story next week!


  • At the end of the story, the Doctor decides to go back in time for "a little peace and exploration", leading into COMIC: Backtime.

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