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The Castellan has returned and has brought a message from Gallifrey! was a webcast featuring Paul Jerricho returning to his part of the Castellan from Arc of Infinity and The Five Doctors; like other Doctor Who: Lockdown! and Lockdown!-adjacent productions, it was released on Twitter to coincide with a watchalong of a TV Doctor Who story; in this case, The Five Doctors.

As it breaks the fourth wall without a suitable in-universe explanation, the webcast is not at present considered a valid source by this Wiki.

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In the wild jungles of the continent of Wild Endeavour, the Castellan awaits the viewer, revealing himself to still be alive in his latest incarnation — after all, "Time Lords never die!" But the Castellan's bout of cackling laughter is cut short by the appearance of the Time Scoop, which he recognises as being connected with "the tweetalong" just before it captures his screaming likeness and flies away!

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  • An original image of the Continent of Wild Endeavour can be seen in the introductory scene.
  • Owing to the limitations of Lockdown!-era webcasts more than anything else, the Castellan appears to be wearing Earth-style clothes.
  • The delivery of the line, "No, not the tweetalong", parodies the commonly mocked line, "No, not the mind probe", which the same character had said in The Five Doctors, parodying the unemotional delivery, odd emphasis on each syllable, and overcautious enunciation.
  • The design of the Time Scoop as a flat black triangle from the original TV version of The Five Doctors was employed, rather than the "updated" crystalline CGI design of the direct-to-video The Five Doctors Special Edition.

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