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The Cabinet of Light was the ninth Telos Doctor Who novella published in 2003. It formed the basis for Telos's spinoff series Time Hunter. The Cabinet of Light was the first of two Telos novellas to feature an unspecified and unidentifiable incarnation of the Doctor.

Publisher's summary[]

Where is the Doctor? Everyone is hunting him.

Honoré Lechasseur, a time sensitive "fixer", is hired by mystery woman Emily Blandish to find him. Lechasseur discovers that the Doctor is, in fact, a semi-mythical figure who has appeared off and on throughout Earth's history. But what is his connection with London in 1949? And why is a mysterious group seeking "the cabinet of light," a device somehow connected with the Doctor?

Lechasseur is about to discover that following in the Doctor's footsteps can be a difficult task.


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  • The Doctor in this story is unspecified. He bears some similarities to the Ninth Doctor from Scream of the Shalka.
  • Honoré Lechasseur and Emily Blandish are two characters who spun off into Telos's Time Hunter novella series.
  • The foreword was written by Chaz Brenchley.
  • The cover illustration by John Higgins was only used later editions of this story.
  • It is implied that the mysterious alien creatures in Mestizer's manor dress themselves in Time Lord robes and collars, but their purpose for doing so is unclear. The Onihr of Trading Futures previously wore similar regalia when attempting to gain mastery over time in the Post-War universe, believing the robes and collars to be relics of significant ritual value.
  • The deluxe edition was signed by the author, foreword writer, and cover artist.
  • The story was released as an audiobook read by Terry Molloy.
  • Due to licensing restrictions, all mentions of the Doctor in the audiobook, as well as in the Time Hunter reprints, were changed to "Dr Smith".

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