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The Brilliant Book 2011 is a behind-the-scenes illustrated guide to Series 5 of the new series of the show. It was published in 2010. It features information from in-universe and real world perspectives and new stories with the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. This book replaced Panini's Doctor Who Storybook series in the 2010 production schedule, and was followed by a second volume in 2011.



Short stories[]

Narrative games[]

Non-narrative features[]

  • The Raggedy Doctor
  • Welcome to Starship UK by David Llewellyn
  • The Calvierri Academy by David Llewellyn
  • Do the Drunk Giraffe by Oli Smith, illustrations by Ben Morris
  • The Wedding of Amelia Pond and Rory Williams


  • Introduction by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman
  • Meet Matt Smith by Darren Scott
  • The Eleventh Hour by David Bailey
  • Designing the TARDIS by Jason Arnopp
  • The Beast Below by David Bailey
  • Meet Karen Gillan by Darren Scott
  • The Vampires of Venice by David Bailey
  • Making Music by Murray Gold
  • The Time of Angels by David Bailey
  • Meet Alex Kingston by Darren Scott
  • Flesh and Stone by David Bailey
  • Making Doctor Who by David Bailey
  • The Vampires of Venice by David Bailey
  • Directing Doctor Who by David Bailey
  • Amy's Choice by David Bailey
  • Meet Arthur Darvill by Darren Scott
  • The Hungry Earth by David Bailey
  • Cold Blood by David Bailey
  • Designing the Silurians by Jason Arnopp
  • Vincent and the Doctor by David Bailey
  • Writing Doctor Who by Gareth Roberts
  • The Lodger by David Bailey
  • Meet the Boss by Benjamin Cook
  • The Pandorica Opens by David Bailey
  • Meeting Monsters by Darren Scott
  • The Big Bang by David Bailey
  • Designing the Daleks by Jason Arnopp
  • Everything We Learned by David Bailey