The Boy That Time Forgot was a sequel to both Earthshock and The Haunting of Thomas Brewster. It described not only how the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa retrieved the TARDIS after letting it fall into Brewster's hands at the end of Haunting, but also rewrote Adric's Earthshock ending. Although it definitely retconned Adric's earlier death, it allowed the original to stand, if only as "half of the story".

Like Earthshock it was notable for clever secrecy in its marketing. Most 2008 purchasers had no idea that the story involved Adric at all, thanks to his listing in the credits as the "Scorpion King", and the fact that the character was played here by Andrew Sachs, not Matthew Waterhouse.

Though Brewster did not appear until the closing minutes of the story, Boy was important to the development of that character by highlighting important similarities with Adric, and for being the adventure in which Brewster was formally invited to join the TARDIS crew.

The story was also significant for its heavy use and expansion upon Block Transfer Computation, a significant concept from Logopolis and Castrovalva.

Publisher's summary

In a weird jungle valley, the Victorian explorer Rupert Von Thal saves Bloomsbury novelist Beatrice Mapp from a ghastly death in the grip of a monstrous mantis. But this is no Lost World of the dinosaurs. According to their travelling companions, the Fifth Doctor and Nyssa, all four have been transported back to a primitive Earth that should never have existed!

Further down the valley is the vast city where the scorpions live. Walking, talking, intelligent scorpions, ruled over by their cruel and sinister master. The Doctor and Nyssa are being drawn ever tighter into the clutches of... the boy that time forgot.


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The Doctor

  • During the block transfer computations the Doctor's subconscious sleepwalks through time to Briggs' freighter, assisting Adric in breaking the computations on the Cybermen's computer.



  • The Scorpion King creates a city out of pure computations, the City of Excellence, watched over by Star, the remains of the alien computer the Cybermen used aboard the freighter.


Time travel



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