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The Book of the Peace was a Faction Paradox short story anthology edited by Philip Marsh and published by Obverse Books on 23 December 2018.

Publisher's summary[]

The Book Of The Peace

– being the only accurate record of the end of the War between the Great Houses and their Enemy, and the affects thereof on the denizens of the Spiral Politic and wider universe in the period in which the armistice was negotiated and signed.

– presenting the accounts of a small number of subjects from a range of time periods and places, using their individual perspectives to provide an experience-base from which broader generalisations may be made.

– including several carefully selected case studies, forming a history of the immediate aftermath of the Peace 'from below'.

Individual stories[]

Title Author
The Ugly Spirit Philip Marsh
What Keeps Their Lines Alive Niki Haringsma
Going Once, Going Twice Jacob Black
Jukebox Aditya Bidikar
A Farewell to Arms Nate Bumber
And To Dust We Shall Return Alexandra Marchon
War During Peacetime Greg Maughan
The End of the Beginning George Mann, Philip Marsh
A Man Lays Dying Philip Marsh


In the months leading up to the release of The Book of the Peace, a set of promotional materials were released on the Obverse Books website under the name The Book of the Peace Dossier,[1] described as "Being a collection of queries and responses, fragmentary documents and sundry articles of dubious provenance."[2] This included interviews with the authors of The Book of the Peace,[3] an author-curated Spotify playlist,[4] and various in-universe vignettes and short stories connected to the stories in the anthology.

Title Author Released
Unsent letter Philip Marsh 17 September 2018
A Scene Niki Haringsma 7 October 2018
The Story So Far... Jacob Black 2 October 2018
Daring Initiation 1 November 2018
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing 25 November 2018
A Farewell to R.M.S. Nate Bumber 11 February 2019
A Prelude to a Prelude
A Shift in Focus
Inside the Looking Glass Greg Maughan 7 February 2019
Pure Light Philip Marsh


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