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The Book of the Enemy was the fourth in Obverse Books' series of Faction Paradox anthologies. It was edited by Simon Bucher-Jones and released in January 2018. Each story was preceded by one or more Pre-narrative Briefings.

Publisher's summary[]

The Great Houses hold chains that bind time and space. They are the Namers and the Makers, of all that is. Their power is incalculable. And they are at War.

But the nature of their Enemy has always been shrouded, in mystery, in enigma, perceived through mirrored labyrinths seemingly constructed as much by the Great Houses as the Enemy. Why?

Perhaps now the secrets of the Enemy can be revealed. Or perhaps not.

Experience the ravaged memories of those who have met them in War.


Title Author
Subjective Interlock Simon Bucher-Jones
The Annotated Autopsy of Agent A
Cobweb and Ivory Nate Bumber
The Book of the Enemy Andrew Hickey
T. memeticus: A Morphology Philip Purser-Hallard
The Short Briefing Sergeant's Tale Simon Bucher-Jones
A Bloody (And Public) Domaine Jacob Black
Life-Cycle Grant Springford
First Draft Nick Wallace
Eyes Christian Read
We Are the Enemy Lawrence Burton
Timeshare Helen Angove
A Choice of Houses Simon Bucher-Jones
Houses of Cards Lisa Sarah Good
The Enemy - The Hole in Everything Simon Bucher-Jones
The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Enemy Jay Eales
No Enemy But Despair Simon Bucher-Jones
The Map and the Spiders Wilhelm Liebknecht


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